Moustache Pattern Spiral Notebook


A man without our moustache spiral notebook is a man without a soul. The notebook is the only choice to get your daily work down. Buy two and make your friend happy. Read more in the description….


Brand name:

Stationery Bird by Meco Publications

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Features of this moustache pattern custom spiral notebook:

  • No of Pages: 160 Pages/ 80-A4 Sheets (80 gsm/ Imported Premium paper)
  • Front cover:  Stiff Card 350 gsm digitally printed
  • Comes in various styles of inside pages
  • Beautiful custom bookmarks and little gifts to make your day

Customization Options: (Ask to Design your own Custom Spiral Notebook)

  • On-demand color variations are possible
  • Write your name on the notebook, the best feature
  • Inside page designs of your choice- Custom page design options free of cost
  • Personal Customization:  We can design your own notebook design free of cost- contact us here!

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