Shoot for the moon-Spiral Notebook


Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. This beautiful notebook will accomplish your goals for writing notes, doing homework, making goals lists, plans and everything in your mind. Just get high, share and gift it to your friend and get best compliments. Read more in description…


Brand name:

Stationery Bird by Meco Publications

Features of this #Feminist custom spiral notebook:

★  No of Pages: 160 Pages/ 80-A4 Sheets (80 gsm/ Imported Premium paper) ★  Front cover:  Stiff Card 350 gsm digitally printed ★  Additional benefit: Comes in various styles of inside pages ★  What will come free: Beautiful custom bookmarks and little gifts to make your day

Customization Options: (Ask to Design your own Custom Spiral Notebook)

★  Any Color Variations of your choice ★  Write your name on the notebook, the best feature ★  Inside page designs of your choice- Custom page design options free of cost ★  Personal Customization:  We can design your own notebook design free of cost- contact us here!

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