About the Store

“In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful…”

…It is said: There is no bigger happiness in your life than to achieve your goals and no bigger disappointment than to fail and leave your goal unaccomplished. Keeping that in mind we here at MECO Publications have made it our Mission to Help the Students of Pakistan reach their goal by changing the way not their ambition so we believe:

“Change the Way not the Destination”

In 2014 two friends frustrated with Pakistan’s Education System vowed to help Pakistani students to achieve their goals and save them from the hardships that the friends faced in their student life. So they started working day and night and started gathering resources and investments to form ONE OF THE MOST RELIBLE AND EXCEPTIONAL ONLINE BOOK STORE IN PAKISTAN, which is now called MECO PUBLICATIONS.

It was quite a journey from helping students on a very local level to now when we deliver books all across Pakistan and we believe our rapid growth is itself a reward from ALLAH which tells us that we are on the right track.

We are but a humble online bookstore which provides examination oriented books for MDCAT, NUMS, AMC, ETEA, ECAT and other competitive exams. We also provide such books for FSC. We deliver other related books at your doorstep, even those books which are not available in our store e.g. dedicated course books. And to further serve our customers we have launched “Stationery Bird” which provides excellent quality imported stationery.

It is known, “Great Service is Great Enchantment” and we first felt this enchantment in “UHS MCAT 2017” when a lot of the exam questions were covered in our books and when the good wishes from the students who used our service came then we were assured that we SERVE the STUDENTS OF PAKISTAN. These include the cream of our nation i.e. Medical and Engineering students. We were also acknowledged for our success in UHS MDCAT 2018 and UHS MDCAT 2019 and ECAT 2018 for UET.


MECO Publications is blessed with great team which started with just 2 members now extend to a network of dedicated employees divided into various departments. Quality Assurance which imports quality paper and works on the digital printing of our books and a 24/7 Public Relations team which is here to serve our customers any time day or night. And we are proud to say these departments are epitome of professionalism.

Now we can proudly state that MECO Publications is the right path to an advance and modern future of our educational system because most of our customers are happy and satisfied with our services and their reviews and comments can be seen at our Facebook Page.

We want to Help Pakistani Students Help Themselves” by potentiating their abilities and providing them with the best possible path to achieving their goals and dreams. Because these students are our future and they are the light that every nation needs to navigate in the dark.

About Our Products

Our eye comforting format entails the most valuable concepts, 100% authentic, non-repetitive questions and easy guidelines and books (printed digitally on offset importated papers) for exams like MDCAT, NUMS, AMC Exam and ECAT, and the fact that 50% of these exams had appeared from our books, it is the proof that we care about your success and it is this care that we also provide you with unparalleled stationery products. All this because we cherish your dreams and we shall do our best to make them a reality.

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