What do I know !

Once you are done with the hefty phase of Fsc, the very next day you’re met with your worst nightmare Mdcat 2019.Initial days are the hardest, you have no idea about this new Mcq world.You got to cover up the whole Fsc in just three months. Academies bombard you with a ton of difficult Mcqs that you have never heard of.They don’t understand that everyone is putting in the effort and instead of just focusing on hard work, they need to teach us how to study smart.They are unable to cater to the needs of students as they follow a rigid one size fits all formula.

Mdcat 2019 physics was a whole lot of dilemma. Pre medical students had cut bonds with Maths a long time ago.Just knowing the concepts won’t help you reach the final answer of the problem.You must be equipped with basic mathematical skills which academies don’t stress nearly enough. In the daily tests you are getting 10-20 Mcqs incorrect, you feel like repeaters know everything and only you are the dumbest person ever. By the end of the day you have an emotional breakdown and you start fretting over it.

No Motivation !

Academies fail miserably to motivate you, they merely contribute to the piling stress. All in all, academies only teach you an unlimited course but since Mdcat exam is all about coping with stress, time allocation and adequate knowledge, some brilliant students are unable to get through it.

Written by Mahnoor

(An Mdcat Student and Repeater in 2019)
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