Latest IQ Series-Logical Reasoning Mcqs for Mdcat


Mecopublications is proud to present IQ Series-Logical Reasoning Mcqs for Nmdcat with answeres and explanations. This book ok provides the best assorted Mcqs for logical reasoning in compliance with the terms and conditions of PMC Syllabus. Explanations with the Questions help you successfully tackle the Logical Reasoning Mcqs asked in the Nmdcat IQ Section. It also has ten assorted tests and topic-wise MCQs as mentioned in the description along with a second book inside ” Logical reasoning book by Learning Xpress 2nd edition to provide you aid. This book is a must-have for aspirants appearing for any and all Nmdcat entrance examinations.


IQ-Series-Logical Reasoning Mcqs for NMDCAT Book is best for NMdcat Preparation as we have made the assorted collection as per exam sources of NUMS or NMDCAT with QUESTIONS with their answers and EXPLANATIONS

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Salient Features:

  1. Up to 1000 MCQs with side by side logical reasoning mcqs answers and explanations
  2. Structured according to the latest pattern/syllabus of the Nmdcat
  3. Adopts a calibrated approach towards understanding each special topic
  4. Familiarizes aspirants with all different types of Logical Reasoning Mcqs for Nmdcat asked in entrance examinations
  5. Solutions to the questions make one able to have a “SPECIAL THINKING APPROACH”  which will help in actually doing the paper
  6. Introduction of Ten Random Test Papers for NMDCATIONS to test themselves and find their level of preparedness

Contents of IQ Series book: (with answers and explanations):

Section 1:

  • Analogies
  • Analytical
  • Assertion & Reasoning
  • Cause and Effect
  • Course of Action
  • Logical Deduction
  • Logical Sequence
  • Situation & Reaction
  • Statement & Conclusion
  • Symbols & Series

Section 2:

  • Ten assorted tests to testify your preparedness

Section 3:

  • 501 Challenges by Learner’s Express

Section 4: (optional)

  • 1000 Common SAT Vocabulary words

Printing Features:

  • Digital Laser printing
  • 70 gsm offset imported papers
  • Paper Back Binding (covered efficiently)
  • Proper packing in Company’s flyers

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