My Question Bank 2021-22 (for NMdcat and Competitive exams)


My Question Bank Book by Meco Publications is an excellent practice source book, fully updated for Mdcat 2021-2022 and other medical competitive exams in Pakistan. This Question Bank Book provides more than 3000 detailed mcqs for all subjects with reinforcement on tough topic aeas. The content is organized according to UHS/PMC paper criteria and curriculum of 2019-2020 -in-Unit wise pattern. Relative topics are covered efficiently, so any change in syllabus will not affect your study schedule.

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Question Bank Book by Meco Publications  pack offers comprehensive and trustworthy mdcat practice mcqs of Biology-Physics-Chemistry and English for anybody wishing to sit, pass, and excel in UHS/PMC NMdcat 2021-22. Presented as a unique single-volume set, it features up to 3000 high-quality Mdcat practice Mcqs in a specific unit-wise pattern.

Contents of the book (Summarized):

  • Upto 3000 Mcqs for Mdcat Biology-Physics-Chemistry-English- (FSC/A Levels) in Unit Wise Pattern
  • Authentic Practice Mcqs with handsome assurity for appearance in exam according to UHS Mdcat Syllabus 2020
  • Addition of Puzzle overs for getting extra concepts and knowledge in Biology
  • Mdcat English Mcqs are in 15 paper wise pattern (covering Sentence Completion, Spot the Error, Choose the Best option) with mixed grammatical errors and their solutions as well! Isn’t it Wonderful?
  • Free Evaluation Book, Answer keys, and Bookmarks as a gift for students
  • Numerical Type-Questions in physics, A levels Mcqs for Biology-Chemistry-Physics are included

Student Benefits (promised):

  • Securing maximum marks in Mdcat 2021-22
  • No need to read and cram textbooks
  • Catchy Examples from FSC Textbooks to avoid silly mistakes
  • Practicing Grammar rules rather than cramming
  • No Need to buy Redspot A-Levels Book

Printing Features:

  • Digital Color Laser printing
  • 80gsm offset imported papers
  • Paper Back Binding (covered efficiently)
  • Proper packing in Company’s flyers

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