Spot the Error Mcqs (Book 2 + Heroes)


Spot the Error Mcqs (Book 2 + Heroes) by Meco Publications is a self-study book with over 1000 Spot the Error Mcqs with answers and solutions and lots of practice exercises from Fsc textbook, It has helped many Mdcat Students to secure full marks in Mdcat 2019 and before. Its authenticity is explained as all the questions in previous exams appeared “as it is” from the book! It is one of the best books of Mdcat 2019 which includes (Spot the error Mcqs of Subject-Verb Agreement, Prepositions, Conjunctions, English Tenses, Nouns, Pronouns and other aspects of Grammar), See more Below…..



From subject-verb agreement to mastering prepositions and for securing full marks in Mdcat, Spot the Error Mcqs Book (Book 2 + Heroes) makes it easier than ever to improve your grasp of grammar.

Contents of the book (Summarized):

  • 1000+ Spot the Error Mcqs for Mdcat with answer keys and solutions.
  • Chapter wise Tests
  • Covering Mcqs of all previous Mdcat Exam Papers
  • Correct Solutions are provided in a separate envelope
  • Separate Answer keys are provided to get rid of turning over the pages of the book

Student Benefits (promised):

  • Securing full marks in English Mdcat Paper
  • No need to read and cram text books
  • Catchy Examples from FSC Textbooks to avoid silly mistakes
  • Practicing Grammar rules rather than cramming

Printing Features:

  • Digital Laser printing
  • 80gsm offset imported papers
  • Paper Back Binding (covered efficiently)
  • Proper packing in Company’s flyers

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