The Navy-Tawakul (Deen Over Dunya Planner)

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Deen over Dunya Planner – a transformative tool designed to revolutionize your daily purposed life. Imagine starting each day with a clear roadmap, aesthetically blending the spiritual with your daily practical life. This isn’t just about managing tasks; it’s a journey towards a more fulfilling life than ever before just as ALLAH (S.W.T) loves.

By incorporating daily tasks, time schedules, Quranic verses, duas, hadith, and moments of reflection, this planner becomes your personal guide to balancing worldly responsibilities with your Deen. By providing dedicated space for prayer commitments, and gratitude for divine blessings, it becomes a sanctuary for mindfulness, Hence it’s DEEN OVER DUNYA.


Specifications for Deen Over Dunya Planner:

  • Hardcover with black foil printing
  • A5 Size and Top Quality 110 GSM offwhite page
  • Undated Daily Planner x 4 months (120 continuous days)
  • Gifts (if any) and metal book corners are complimentary (not charged for value)

Dunya Aspects: (Starting with Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim)

  1. Priorities and To-do List
  2. Time Schedule and Notes
  3. Meals, Selfcare & Hydration
  4. Daily Reflections

Deen Aspects: (Ending with Alhumdulliah)

  1. Salah Checklist and Daily Zikr
  2. Section for Daily Quran verse/translation
  3. Daily Hadith and Dua
  4. Section for Daily New Habit & Sunnah Learnt
  5. Blessings upon me

We do have other Ultimate Daily Planners, you may find them best if your daily routine suits you better.

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3 reviews for The Navy-Tawakul (Deen Over Dunya Planner)

  1. masooma_bakhtiari (verified owner)

    The planner is very beautiful, and quite practical. The customer service is amazing! Wanted this as a gift and needed them to deliver it within 2 days. They delivered it within 2 hours! The pages are of great quality too. Overall 10/10 experience

  2. Aiza

    It’s perfect and it’s delivered on time. Definitely would recommend it

  3. Axa (verified owner)

    Loved the quality and colour.
    The planner is perfect and was delivered on time.

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