Mdcat Past Papers 2011-2023 (Year Wise)

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 UHS Mdcat Past Papers 2010-2022 book contains detailed Past Papers of 13 years including reconduct exams. Sepearate Answer Keys are provided to the students along with the package. This book by Meco Publications gives student a valuable insight on how to approach difficult, tricky and original exam questions to avoid making silly mistakes and also walk you through the most efficient methods for rapidly getting the correct answer.

This is a MUST-BUY for anyone using past papers as part of their Mdcat 2022 and 2023 preparations. See Ful Description Below……..


“Sometimes knowing the answer isn’t enough- you need to know how and why it’s correct.”

UHS Mdcat Past Papers 2011-2023 whilst doing Mdcat past papers is great practice- you must understand how to tackle each Mcq quickly & precisely.

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Contents of the book (Summarized):

  • Mdcat Past Papers 2011-2023 for PMC / Mdcat Preparation
  • Reconduct Exams included
  • Free UHS/PMC Mdcat Bubble sheets for solving your Mcqs
  • Seperate Answer keys are provided to get rid of turning over the pages of the book
  • Note : 2021 (electronic PMC 2021 mdcat past paper) is not included due to incorrect data sources, incomplete and wrong questions with no justifiable answers.

Printing Features:

  • Digital Laser printing
  • 70gsm offset imported papers
  • Paper Back Binding (covered efficiently)
  • Proper packing in Company’s flyers


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4 reviews for Mdcat Past Papers 2011-2023 (Year Wise)

  1. ranamanahil5686 (verified owner)

    The quality was too good. Printing and arrangement of questions was amazing.I did my past papers from this book and got admission in gov medical college.highly recommended!

  2. Abdullah

    Recently purchased the book, i got the latest title, updated one.
    Quality of page and branding is amazing.

    Thank you

  3. sohaibroy5

    Bohat achi book ha, Alhumdulillah, thank u letter ka shukria sir

  4. jutt123 (verified owner)

    Deserve the money. Valuable and quality is ✌️

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